ECOSKILLARTS, was conceived as a result out of a perceived need for combining the concepts of sustainability with the strengths of creative arts and crafts. It is an independent educational and capacity building programmeIt has so far engaged with college students and young professionals across three states on sustainability-based entrepreneurship.

Ecoskillarts Skill Development - <alt>

Presently Ecoskillarts is a Independent Academy 

ECOSKILLARTS incubated by SHRISTI till 31.12.2020
Nonprofit organization Established in 1998

Registered under

Received Award from 

ASSOCHAM for Promoting sustainability through Education

National Educational Policy 2019 
"Skill oriented learning is as important in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status to deal with current changes. It will not only enhance individual skill but also achieve vision of a Skilled India”

Inspire a million minds through creativity and concepts of sustainability. 

We are on the journey of having three major mission statement

  1. Provide the highest quality of specialized and state of the art training and capacity building in creative sectors 
  2. Deliver affordable and equal opportunity courses to individuals and community groups. 
  3. Empower participants for achieving their career and entrepreneurial aspirations through flexible, convenient and relevant interventions.

Ecoskillarts aim is to impart market relevant creative skills for enabling participants to choose, pursue and follow a career path embedded with sustainability principles for securing an enhanced livelihood.

 The objectives to fulfill aim of this programme are

  1. Exposure for innovative and creative solutions with various skill-oriented learning Programmes. 
  2. Enhance employment potential in present scenario. 
  3. Promote a culture of sustainability through course curriculum process. 
  4. Introduce concepts based on human values through group dynamics.


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